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How to tell the time

Knowing the right time is important. If you get the time wrong you could be late for work, miss the bus or even miss an opportunity. But telling the time is more then the hour of the day.
It is also about seasons, about atmospheres and events. We are often very responsive to these things without knowing it and sometime the smallest of events can overwhelm and dominate out thinking.

People used to tell the time with the sun or use a sundial. A shadow falls and you would know the hour of the day. But the shadow is only part of the story, what about all of the sundial that is bathed in light? The truth is that the shadow is only the absence of light. Light is falling on the rest of the sundial and that is the real teller of time.

So often we can think that it is a particular time or season because of one or two negative things that happen. But the reality is often that the world is bathed in light if only we would open our eyes and see the light time.

Mark Searle, 01/02/2011