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Getting Growing

Great news - over fifty people have signed up for termly Life Groups so far at St Mary Magdalene.Plant

If you haven't heard about termly Life Groups then there is still time. They are your opportunity to get connected and get growing. Connected, to people and God, growing in full life in Jesus. They are termly so you can easily commit and get what you need to grow.

If you have missed the talks then you can hear them here:
Get Connected (part 1) and Get Growing (Part 2)

What's next? Choose to be a learner, sign up today. You can do this using the contact cards on the table at church or even better on the church website here:
sign up here

I hope you are enthused by the opportunity that we have to get connected and get growing. I believe that a church with healthy and growing small groups could change the world. Go on sign up and become a world changer.
Mark Searle, 12/09/2011