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Here's the plan (almost)

I have spent the last few months trying to write the development plan for the church (MAP). It's got loads of people's ideas, dreams and visions in it and is being shaped by the PCC and a number of others. Should be ready to go public with it by April. In the mean time here is a little taster.....

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And a little snippet of what might go in....

"The great commission is clear, we are sent people whose task is to make disciples of all nations. We have a very specific town centre context in which we are working this out. This includes many social, faith and economic challenges. Our vision is focused on Jesus, and seeks full life for all. We have the goal of becoming a church of 500 but this is done in little steps, one person at a time. In order to achieve this goal we have some principles, strategies, actions and things about character to be working on. All this is sensible planning but we also need to be prepared to be surprised. The Church is Christ’s body and is grown by his spirit. Our mission action plan will help us to get in step with the Holy Spirit but we must never forget the recurrent phrase in Acts, “the Lord added to their number”. Growing the church is what the Holy Spirit does; we have the joy joining in."

Mark Searle, 26/01/2012