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Baptisms and reaffirmations July 2012

Ten people taking a public step of faith and either getting baptised or reaffirming their original baptism. (Thankfully the summer returned and there were plenty of people watching us do to church in public)

Each one has a story to tell let me share the highlights of just three:

Oli started attending the 10.30am with his mum and since then his faith has come alive.

Rosie started coming to the 9am traditional with her partner Paul, she has come back to faith after 15 years of being angry with God.

Gary was told to leave the homeless centre in Torquay for a variety of reasons. One day he dropped into The Living room, he was given a tent and sleeping bag by another homeless guy who had just come to faith. He has made a choice to follow Jesus and is working some complete issues but loves being part of the family.

You can listen to their stories below:

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We are really encouraged by all that God is doing at St Mary Magdalene and across the church in Torquay.

Mark Searle, 24/07/2012