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The living room opens For a third day

Fantastic news. The living room is now open three days a week. It is a real privilege to partner with Upton Vale Baptist Church who are taking on Fridays.



The living room will now be open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, serving good coffee, bacon baps and home made cakes or in a wonderfully hospitable atmosphere. This community works on the basis of donations for the food and drink. This means we can welcome everyone, single mums, tourists, the homeless and folks from the business community.

For many people, The Living Room has become a place of life change. Somewhere to grab good food and coffee in a safe and loving environment.
It's so good to work in partnership with another church - and many other agencies - as we walk with people so they can discover full life.

Well done to the many people who have made this happen.

Mark Searle, 19/07/2013