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Sneek Preview of next term

I am excited about next term (ok so that may seem a Rev Mark Searle 2little early given that schools have only just broken up). Here are a few thinks that are going to be happening:

Morning preaching is going to be from the book of Ephesians under the title of "The Key to Everything". It's a great book and helps how to see how to do life and faith well.

Encounter is going to be back on Sunday nights at 7pm, but not just once a month. We are planning 9 sessions over the term starting on 15th Sept. We are going to be looking at some key stuff as everyday followers of Jesus. Grace, Worship, Prayer, Integrity. Come and join us.

Life Groups as going to be invited to meet all together for 6 weeks starting on 19th Sept in Church. This will be a great opportunity to meet with others and grow in God.

Church Buildings - the application for the internal reordering of the back of church is almost through, we hope to begin the work at the start of next term.

Church Hall - is now looking amazing, thanks to all who have worked so hard to make it happen. Few more things to do and we might need some work/painting parties at the start of term to finish stuff off.

Alpha - looks like we will run a day time Alpha Course as part of The Living Room.

The Living Room goes from strength to strength and will continue to be open 3 days a week next term.

Giving - we have been really encouraged by an increase in regular giving recently (thanks you're amazing) and some one off gifts (you are also very cool). When you give you help to bring full life to all.

If you want something encouraging to listen to over the summer then try the abc speaking at New Wine

Be part of the family, come as you are and allow God to make you all that you can be.

Have a great summer.

Mark Searle, 01/08/2013