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The next step is a leap 

We have a vision for a worshiping community at St Mags of 500 people. This is so much more than numbers - we want to see change in the lives of the people and the community around us.This is why we have a vision for 500 one by one. So where are we now and what is next?

Right now we are a church family of at least 200 people with about 170 people coming to one of our three services on a typical Sunday. The wider community that includes The Living Room and Milly Molly Mags is more difficult to measure but is probably 350+.

The issue is this - being a community of 200 people is right at the top end of a small family church. In a church of this size, people can know each other well and know what is going on, everyone can feel part of the family. But to stay in the comfort of this place means to neglect our calling to be a growing church that helps to bring full life for all.

The next step is a leap. 

Believe is or not it is easier to become a church of 300+ quickly than it is to do it slowly. This is because a church of 300+ thinks and functions very differently than the church of 200. So to change rapidly makes the period of change much easier to manage. We need to start thinking as three families - the 9am, the 10.30am and Encounter, with each one of us playing our part.

Are you ready to leap?
We are getting ready by investing in leaders and discipleship as well as pursuing excellence in worship, outreach, communications and admin.

You can join with us in two ways:

1. Partner with us by being part of a lifegroup, giving and serving and praying.

2. Inviting a friend to come and join us (we will get there one by one)

Join us for this next step - it’s going to be a leap of faith.

Mark Searle, 09/06/2014