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On Slowing Down 

One of the purposes of my recent sabbatical was to slow down. What is interesting about this is that God seems to be impressing on me that this is not a short term call, but a life long invitation to be moving more slowly. This is a difficult thing for someone who like to get things done.

As I try to practise this new way of living and working there are a few benefits that really strike me:
1. I notice things, people, creation and situations more that I used to.Slow down
2. I am quicker to turn back to God went I wander off.
3. I am praying more, or perhaps listening more.
4. I am more aware of the pain of my own life, the church and society.
5. I am get more done by doing less (weird, but good, see John 15).
6. I am beginning to think about the bigger picture in different and creative ways.

So I want to both challenge and encourage you. 

The challenge: we can get so busy doing stuff for God that we forget to spend time with him, how are you doing with this? 

The encouragement: God promises to strength those who wait or hope in him (Isa 40:31). As we pause he pours out his Holy Spirit.

Take time to slow down each day this week, it will prob be the most productive thing you will all week.