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Sex talk at St Mags

Over the last few years, we have had a number of talks about relationships, porn, sex, sexuality. Some of these are first thoughts as part of the conversation some are things that Mark (the vicar) is thinking along the way. 

You can find a few links below to the original articles or talks.

At St Mags we want to try to talk about these things well and honestly. We will often not agree on everything, but we encourage you to take time to think deeply, to reflect on your journey and engage with the bible and culture.

In your conversations with others we encourage you to be loving, gracious and take the time to listen. In talking about these things we may not always use the right words and on occasion even speaking will offend but I encourage you to reflect, speak, listen and engage. God is good and loving.

If there are things that you would like to talk through with Mark then please do get in contact.

Enjoy, and be part of the conversation.

God bless


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