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Electoral Roll Form 

In the Church of England, church membership is officially known as being on the “Electoral Roll”. This is because a church member can stand for election to the body of people who oversee the church with the Vicar as Trustees called the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and they can also vote at the annual meetings. Membership is open to anyone who is 16 years of age or older and baptised with some additional minor variations that are part of national Church of England policy, so please accept our apologies for its complicated nature! If you are not yet baptised please do speak with Simon or Rob about what it means and whether or not you would like to investigate it.
For historical legal reasons, membership application information is varied. Membership is still immediately available for someone who is baptised and lives within the parish boundaries. For those who live elsewhere, it is only possible once they have been attending regularly for 6 months.

The Electoral Roll is the way that the Church of England nationally records membership and it means that you can vote at our annual meeting. 



Email Address:


You need to be 16 or over to be on the electoral roll.  Please tick to indicate that you are 16 or over 

Tick one of the following that best applies to you.

I live in the parish 

I do not live in the parish but I have worshipped at St
Mary Magdalene for 6 months or more.    

I am a member of another church (which subscribes to
the doctrine of the Holy Trinity) and I have       
worshipped at St Mary Magdalene for 6 months or   

I am baptised 

I declare that the above answers are true 

Signed (Please write your name in full)