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Bible reading apps

Reading the bible is really important. It not only helps us understand who God is and how to live well but actually creates space for the Holy Spirit to lead us into "all truth". 


At St Mags we have bibles that we give away to anyone who wants them. But if you are wanting to go a bit deeper, develop a regular pattern of reading and grow in your understanding, then just reading the bible by yourself can sometimes feel like quite hard work. Joining a group at St Mags is a really important thing to do. But there are also some great apps that can help you along the way.


I can recommend a couple:


Bible by

A great free app that comes with multiple versions of the bible for free, with excellent additional material including video. My favourite bit is that most bible versions have audio as well. This means you can have the app read the bible to you. They also have loads of bible reading plans. I use this app for my personal reading.

Bible App



Logos Bible by Faithlife 

Again a free app but with lots of paid options (some very expensive) aimed at deeper study. A wide range of other Christian study books available. The free package gives you a good set of basics. I use this app for preaching prep.

Bible Logos App


There are loads of others out there, whatever you use to read the bible, a real book or an app, reading regularly and widely is really helpful.