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Mark and Meg are Moving to Bath

We have been here at St Mags for almost 7 years. It has been an amazing journey and the St Mags family are some of the most courageous, faith-filled and Jesus focused people we have ever met.

At the start of this year it seemed like God was leading us to make plans for what the next 8-10 years looked like for St Mags and for us. So we followed that path for us personally but also thinking ahead for the life of the church family.

Then at the end of March we went to dinner with some old friends. He was coming to the end of his curacy (his training to be a vicar) and so was looking for where God was calling him. In passing he mentioned a church job in Bath he looked at but he did not have the experience to apply for the post.

As we got in the car we turned to each other and said, "we are not even going to look at it, we have just made plans". But over that weekend we could not get it out of our heads. Then on the Tuesday morning Meghan looked at the job and when I got home I looked as well. As we read it was like God burned it on our hearts. By the end of the day, we knew we had to apply and that if we did not get it that God was leading us on from St Mags. We applied and were offered the Job. 

The official role that Mark will be taking on is, Rector of All Saints Weston Bath with Langridge and North Stoke. We will be moving on from St Mags over the summer. Our last Sunday is going to be 23rd July and I will be licensed on Thursday 7th September at All Saints.

You can see a map of where we are going below.


What about St Mags? The team here are fantastic, full of faith. We are working through what needs to be in place for St Mags to continue to grow. That conversation involves churchwardens, PCC, curates, staff team and the diocese, who are being really supportive. The team are still catching up and getting used to the idea, but I am confident that Jesus will lead and equip them for this next part of the journey. Over the next few weeks the team will communicate clearly what the leadership structures will look like for this next season.

Please pray for us, for St Mags and for churches in Bath. 

God bless

Mark and Meg Searle