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Interregnum/Appointment Timeline

In July, our PCC (Parochial Church Council) was joined by Douglas Dettmer (Archdeacon of Totnes) and Roger Driver (Trustee of The Simeon's - our patron) and was advised on a possible timeline of the procedures and processes for appointing a new vicar.

During our 'interregnum' (time without a vicar), we'll aim to use the blog to highlight each stage of the appointment process and outline where we are on the timeline. appointment-timelineOne of the first stages is to look to develop a Parish Profile document. This will aim to help us to communicate our 'Jesus: Full Life for All' vision and give a fuller 'flavour' of the ministry of St. Mags to anyone looking in.

The PCC therefore asked members of the congregation if they felt prompted to be part of a Profile Action Group. Research was started in early August, with wider consultation planned for church, Living Room & open meetings, before the preparation of a draft document towards the end of September.

We were also excited to announce that Simon & Marjorie May will be joining us this next year. As leaders of a church in North Devon (with many similarities to St. Mags) Simon has accepted the role of Interim Priest in Charge and will be worshipping with us on Sundays, as well as supporting our ministry during the week.