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The road ahead ...


The Acts of the Apostles is a story of cosmic change.

But the gripping part of this epic history of the lives of Jesus’ apostles is this - cosmic change begins at the micro level.

It begins with human beings - frail, uncertain and, at times, foolish and simple animals.

It begins with mistakes and misgivings and arguments.

But from this chaotic grass roots movement blossoms a church. It is from this church that teachers, apostles and shepherds are raised.

They are not born into those roles. They never have been. They never will be.
Rather, they are transformed - by the awesome and creative power of God.

We are in the business - not just of transforming - but of being transformed. It’s here that we find the real freedom to which Jesus calls us. Just read Galatians 2 and you will catch the spark; you will feel the power of what this means for us.

It means laying down the failure and the faults, yes. But it means more: it means laying down the parts of us that fail.

Jesus wants us to be better than we are. He is calling us to be like him. To think like him. To love like him. To be free like him.

As we turn the page and enter this next chapter of our common life at St Mags, know this: God has His sights set on where we are. But He also his sights set firmly on a place at which we have not yet arrived.

As it happens we can’t see that place from where we stand. That is why we are a people on the move. Fortunately, this is nothing new to us. We have been on the move since Egypt - walking, dodging, running, resting, but always moving.

Like the apostles, we have been on the move since Samaria, Caesarea, Joppa, Antioch, Seleucia, Pamphylia, Iconium, Lystra, Macedonia, Thessalonica, Beroea, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Jerusalem …

We have been on the move since ever we were God’s people.

To answer the question of where we’ve come from - this can be a complicated task.

To answer the question of where we’re going is actually quite simple.

So where are we going? Where has God called Mags and her amazing people?

Simple, really.

We’re going to the promised land. 

Will you join us?

Rob Densmore