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But a baby

Here we are.

On the eve of this cosmic, cataclysmic God moment,

we find ourselves wandering out into the darkest of nights.

Groping around, feeling our way among the thistles and thorns.

Wary of wolves and coyotes and robbers.

But we are not afraid.

We are not afraid because of an angel and his message.

He told us something that will change the world.

Follow the star - that’s all we know, for now.

Without knowing the why or how, we have fallen in love with the ‘what’.

The What.

Is but a baby.

A baby that will end cancer. And divorce. And infant mortality. And the electric chair.

A baby that will bring presidents to their knees and generals to tears.

A baby that will start something new, and something familiar.

A promise from this God of ours.


Think back - when you were a baby.

And what was the one thing you knew?

I’ll tell you.


That one little thing.

Now fall in love with that. All over again.

And you will know his name.


The What. The All. The Everything.