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It is great to be able to welcome some many children to  St Mary Magdalene. We really value the responsibility we have in teaching and looking after them. 

What to expect when you bring your children to St Mary Magdalene church Torquay.

  • We are ok with noisey kids (and parents). Just come as you are.
  • We like to have fun and want to involve children in worship and family life.
  • We take safeguarding seriously, all workers will have current CRBs and we ask that you registar your children with us, so that we can take proper care of them.
  • Most of the time children will be in groups in the church hall. Come to the start of the service and after about 15 mins, we will invite parents/carers to take the children to their groups (and collect them at the end of the session).
  • Where the services are All Age, we will include elements for all ages.

We currently have Groundbreakers, Rock Solid and Fusion happening most sunday mornings.