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Life Groups

handsSmall groups are one of the key building blocks of the church. At St Mags we call these groups "Life Groups". They provide one of the best places for people to connect with God, connect with each other and grow as followers for Christ in everyday life.

We encourage you to think about which group you are involved in each term. 

Being in a life groups helps to:

  • Grow friendships
  • Grow in knowledge of the Bible
  • Allow you a time and place to express your spiritual gifts
  • Equip you to serve your community
  • Help you feel at home if you are new to the area

Meeting in small groups is biblical (Acts 2), practical and proven to deepen relationships and help you grow as a christian.  Small groups provide the cement of the church.  Everyone is invited to join a life group - sign up below.

Access Life Group

Hosted at the back of church during Access: Full Life Training. Contact Rob Densmore for more info.
Wednesdays from 7.30-9.30pm

Torre Life Group

Hosted by Nick & Ali Ford - Tuesday Evenings
Contact Katharine Pidwell

Warberries Life Group

Hosted by Rich & Harriet Byatt - Wednesday Evenings

Chelston Life Group

Hosted by Rob & Kathryn Sykes - Thursday Evenings

Barton Life Group

Hosted by Dean and Ruth Allison - Tuesday Evenings

Upton Life Group

Hosted by Nona Garner, with Mary Tackley - Thursday Evenings
Contact Nona(01803) 293 640
Or Mary(01803) 316 091

Tuesday Lunch Group

The group meets from 12.30-2.15 pm and meet every Tuesday (except the second Tuesday of each month).
All welcome – bring a picnic lunch.
For further information contact - Charles Doidge

Access - Full Life Training

If you want to take time to explore faith and get to know others then Access is a great place to start. Most Wednesday nights during term time at 7.30pm at church. We start with coffee and cake, then a short talk. We then look at the bible togther in 3/4 small groups. Full details and next session info here. 

Friday Night Fusion

Youth Group for secondary school students aged 11-18. It runs Fridays from 6.30-8pm in the church hall. 
There are a mixture of activities - always involving food and drinks - often milkshakes and smoothies, sometimes making thier own snacks. 
Films have been shown, Bibles have been studied, there are debates, crafts, skateboarding and sardines in the church in the dark!
Please contact Nathan & Brigit Kiyaga for further details

KYB Know Your Bible

(women only)
Meets alternate Mondays 10am on Lower Audley Road 
Contact Edwina Corderoy Tel: (01803) 297 639

Sign Up Form

Please use the contact form below to sign up for a Life Group or contact Kathryn Sykes for more information (01803) 294993
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