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Pay it Forward

Do you drink coffee on a Sunday?

Well now you can enjoy your coffee and provide more for others during the week. 

Give us £1 for your coffee on a Sunday and it will also cover a coffee and a bacon roll for someone during the week. £1=1+1 simple ;-)

Pay if Forward ... and support The Living Room.

Regular Giving - helping to grow God's kingdom

You can support the kingdom work here in many ways. Giving your time talent and resources. Regular giving helps us to plan ahead and make provision for all that God wants to do in and through this community.

The "Joy" box near the entrance is for weekly giving. Please mark any gifts clearly and put them in the "Joy" box (You can also give using Gift Aid, envelopes or standing order - details by the Joy Box). For more info on giving to the ministry of St Mags, please visit

Thank you to all who give time, talents and resources to God's work in this place.