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Church is Changing

St Mary Magdalene Torquay is changing fast. For a long Church on the waytime is has been a place where you could be sure you would get a good welcome. Now we are walking deeper into the fullness of all that a church should be.

Someone recently described St Mags by saying,

"goose bumps, children, laughter, dancing and life".

We have a vision, "Jesus, full life for all", and we have a goal, "500 one by one". We are stepping into these things with prayer and action. Come and discover and follow Jesus' calling in this place as part of God's church in Torquay. There are a number of key ways you can get connected with life at St Mags, here are four:
  1. Come to the next Belong course, especially for people who are new or feel new.
  2. Get involved in a Life Group during the week.
  3. Come on Access, if you want to know more about the Christian faith.
  4. Join a team, a great way to get to know people and play your part in bringing Jesus's full life to all.