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Thanksgiving and Baptism 

Having children is a great privilege. A great place to start that journey is by being part of the Christian family and bringing your child before God. We think family is really important and would love to help you discover and connect with the church family here at St Mags so that we can share the journey with you.

So the starting point for any conversation about thanksgiving or baptism is with the church family. If you have not already done so, then come and join us at 11am on Sunday mornings where you will find a warm welcome and a fun informal service that welcomes all ages.

We then offer two different types of ways of helping your child start his or her journey with God. 

The first is thanksgiving. It is a great way to celebrate the life of your child and dedicate them to God. But it does not require you to make any promises or declarations of faith. So if you are not yet a regular member of the family at St Mags then this is the thing for you. You can invite your friends and family and many people have a party afterwards.

The second thing we offer is baptism. This is a really important decision in anyone's life - it is the public choice to turn away from your old ways of living and to follow Jesus. Many people at St Mags choose to do this as adults and we try and celebrate with them publicly as you can see from the video below.

Sometimes parents want to make this choice on behalf of their children. This only makes sense if:
1. You have a strong Christian faith - completing an Alpha or Access course and joining a Life Group are good places to start. (In a baptism service you will be asked to declare your faith in Jesus and express how you will model this to your child)
2. You are regular and active member of the Church family at St Mags. (A key part of the baptism service is the welcome your child receives from the church family.)
3. You are baptised. (Does not need to have been at St Mags)
4. You have undergone baptism prep with one of the team.

We would love to share the journey with you and invite you to come and join the church family here at St Mags.