The Inspire Project

Inspire is the major project which oversees the heritage building works of St Mags and a host of heritage related community events. Led by Ali and Nick Ford, the church has been successful in large bids to repair the tower and spire of St Mags. This work is due to be carried out over the Spring/ Summer 2020.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund bid also includes a variety of projects to help people connect with the heritage and community of St Mags; all of which have been informed by the HIT or “Heritage Investigation Team.” These include the Victorian Christmas Fair, “Home“ exhibition at Torre Abbey’s Spanish Barn, a new Website full of church and local history, a community garden, Heritage day, and even a bell ringing celebration of the completed works.

For more information about the buildings, history and heritage of St. Mary Magdalene’s Church and the surrounding area, please visit our sister Website devoted to these things 

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