Getting Married At St Mags

St Mary Magdalene Church is a great place to get married in Torquay. If you choose to get married in a church you are asking for God to be part of you marriage from day one. We think this is a wonderful way to begin married life. We want to help you as you get ready, so in our conversations with you, we will not only talk about how we can make the service really special but also how you can keep on growing in your relationship.

If you are considering getting married at St Mags then there will be a number of legal things that have to be checked as part of the process. This includes you having a qualifiying connection (specific kinds of connection with the church) but don't worry we can work this through with you.

Some Common Questions:

Can we get married in your church if we have children?

Yes, definitely.

Can we get married in your church if we have been divorced?

We would love to talk this through with you. The answer is mostly yes, but legally we do have to chat it through with you.

Can we have a civil wedding?

We are only licenced for traditional Church of England weddings so for anything else please contact the Torbay Registry Office who will be able to help.

How much will it cost?

There are various options but our standard fees are easily available from the church office. Email

Help I don't know where to start?

The Church of England has a good resources page to help you plan your wedding.

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